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Monday Movie Review - Housebound

Kylie is caught trying to rob an ATM. She's ordered to spend 8 months in home detention, where her mother and stepfather live.

It's not long before she realizes there's something going on with the huge old house. In fact, when she discovers the actual history behind the structure, that's when all hell starts to break loose -- beginning with whatever is living behind the walls.

Initially I thought this movie was going to be another one of those haunted house flicks, complete with a demon she'd have to find a way to exorcise. But midway this story took a sharp left turn and went in a direction I wasn't expecting. And the ride it took me on left me breathless in some scenes, and laughing in terror in others.

Lots of red herrings are thrown at you in this New Zealand movie. I wouldn't so much rate this as a horror film as much as a murder and suspense. 

I strongly suggest that you

but be sure you're not holding the popcorn bowl while you're watching it.

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Bwahaha! Perfect!

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Monday Movie Review - Sightseers

If you like your horror with a touch of black comedy, you can't go wrong with this little gem.

Sightseers is a British flick about a 34-year-old woman escaping the clutches of her overbearing mother to spend a long holiday with her boyfriend. They're taking a camper to go see some of the grander tourist sites such as a pencil factory and a tram museum, as well as some scenic locations.

Along the way, people die. Some are deliberately killed, and others are accidental. But as we follow this couple (the actors are also the writers of the script), you get to wondering how it's all going to end.

All in all, I got several good laughs out of it. If you liked Shaun of the Dead, and you have a couple of hours to while away, you might want to give this one a try.

In short, my recommendation is that you 

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Monday Movie Review - The Night Eats the World

Every so often you need a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled movie that's a bit different. In most of the ones I've seen, it's always a small group of people trying to find an ideal safe spot. This movie does things a bit differently, and that in itself is refreshing.

A young man wakes up one morning after an alcohol-fueled night of partying to discover he's the last man left alive in the world. Or, at least, in France. Realizing that if he steps outside his apartment building he'd be eaten by zombies, he remains put and does the best he can to survive. We never find out where the zombies came from, or what caused them, but I think that only adds to the story.

The movie is a slow burn all the way through, yet meticulous, showing all the ingenious methods he uses to stay alive. But most of all, to remain sane, considering the circumstance. 

Very different, and with an ending I wasn't prepared for. Which is why I heartily recommend that you

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