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Monday Movie Review - THE DAY

I was expecting another survivors vs zombies story. Not only was I surprised, but I was blown away by the intensity of this film.

THE DAY takes place within one twenty-four-hour cycle. Five post-apocalyptic survivors find an abandoned farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, and use it to take refuge from a rainstorm.

In the course of their rest, it soon becomes that the house isn't really abandoned. To make matters worse, their fight isn't against monsters. It's against their fellow men. Men who now hunt other men for their meat. For the world's population has been reduced to two groups: the killers, and those who would end up feeding them.

A lot of the kills are CGI, and sometimes they become too "obvious". But overall, the washed-out look and feel of this film is raw, real, and upsetting. Which is why I strongly suggest you

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Banned Poster

This was a proposed poster to advertise the film TEETH, but was banned by the British government, so it wasn't used.

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Best Friends

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