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Monday Movie Review - RARE EXPORTS: A Christmas Tale

Starting out as short short films for the internet quickly grew a cult following, and spurred a full-length feature film. And I'm so glad it did! By "holiday rights" I should have reviewed this flick before Christmas, but in truth this movie can be watched at any time of the year.

Many great horror films are coming from other countries not typically thought of as producing horror (see "Troll Hunter" from Norway). "Rare Exports" is from Finland, and this flick will throw every American perception of Santa Claus right out the window.

Basically, it's the story of a drilling company breaking through layers of ice to find a "creature" centuries old. Taking the creature, still encased in ice, to a special facility, the company has no idea it has also unleashed the "elves" destined to protect the creatures. These elves look like our Santa, except they're dirty, they're naked, and they eat raw flesh.

I was completely mesmerized by this movie. Note that it is in Finnish, with English subtitles, but that didn't deter me from thoroughly enjoying it. In fact my whole-hearted recommendation is that you

and make it part of your yearly holiday must-see flicks!

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A Short Film for Christmas - TREEVENGE

This 16 min. short is worth watching, if anything for the amount of gore put into it. The acting is very over the top, but the whole flick is black comedy at its merriest.


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Every Businessman Zombie Needs This

A wallet card case for his business cards!
From buyzombie(dot)com

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And You'll Need Something to Wrap It With

From buyzombie(dot)com

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Time to Decorate the Tree!

From buyzombie(dot)com

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For the Stocking

Zombie mints. Mmmm...brain flavored!
I found mine at Hastings Books and Records.

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It's Going to be a Zombie Christmas

And I'll be highlighting all things ZOMBIE for your stocking and tree this month!

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New Horror 4 Sale!

Each magazne is just $3.00, which includes shipping.
To order (and pay via PayPal), go here.
Don't forget to check out what else is available!

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Under the Bridge

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Unexpected Company

Anyone want to take a guess what it is? Apparently, from the looks on the people's faces it wasn't in the original shot, but showed up after developing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Unique Way to Teach Anatomy

LEGO MiniFigure Anatomy Sculpture by Jason Freeny

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Feast of Flesh

The photograph, which was taken in the early 1900s, shows human bodies being sold at market for meat. Famine was once so widespread in Russia that cannibalism became an everyday part of life. Widespread cannibalism continued in Russia until well into the 1930s.

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Words of Wisdom

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alas, Poor Yorick (the Vampire)

Awesome piece of work.

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A Grave Situation

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's Coming to Get Us

A handy guide. According to science fiction, horror and paranormal movies and TV shows, here's the biggest dangers in each state. (Click for a larger version.)

Thanks, Dani!

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Beetle Backpack

My son thought this was cool, but personally it would creep me out to see something like this on a child's back. Guess I've watched too many "deadly bugs" movies.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Zombie Gameboy

If you miss your old school original Game Boy, have no fear. Donald Kennedy has the power to bring it back from the dead! See more shots of his custom made battery hungry Zombie Game Boy within his Flickr set.

Custom Zombie Game Boy by Donald Kennedy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

They Say Alcohol Affects the Brain. Well...

Bloody Brain Shooters
Channel your inner mad scientist with this Bloody Brain Shooter. Mixing acidic lime juice and Irish cream causes the cream to curdle, creating brain-like strands in the shot.


1 1/4 oz. strawberry vodka such as Stoli
1/8 oz. Rose’s lime juice
3/4 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
Splash of grenadine


Chill vodka for better smoothness. Add vodka and lime juice to a shaker, shake and strain into a shot glass. Using a straw, dip some Bailey’s Irish Cream into the shot. Once you submerge the straw into the Bailey’s put your finger on top of the straw to hold the Bailey’s in the straw. Dip the straw tip into the vodka and slowly release your top finger. The Bailey’s will curdle a little bit due to the lime juice and you should be able to make strands of Bailey’s.
Repeat the straw/Bailey’s process to build a “brain” in the shot glass. Add a splash of grenadine to the concoction to add the ‘blood’ to the mix. Down the hatch as a shot.

(Found here.)