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Monday Movie Review - Alena

First off, let me warn you that this is a Swedish movie with subtitles. I know subtitled movies turn a lot of people off, so heads up on this one.

Secondly, also be warned if someone says, "If you liked 'Carrie' or 'Let the Right One In', you'll like this movie." Yes, this flick is very much like a mash-up of those two, in my opinion. Then again, it was nothing like them.

I really don't like movies with a lot of bullying, especially by over-the-top bad guys (or in this case, girls). So I was a bit turned off by this slowly paced film. I realize the director did so to help ramp up the suspense. Unfortunately, I knew what the answer was barely halfway into the show.

This pic is about a young woman named Alena who enters an all-girl school after being kicked out of her previous one. She excels at Lacrosse, so the coach gives her a chance to be on the team. But in doing so, placing her there knocks off the one girl without a kind bone in her body. Said girl then goes on a rampage to inflict harm upon Alena. What the girl doesn't realize is that Alena has a guardian angel of sorts who has no problem protecting Alena from those who would try to hurt her.

It's really not a bad little film. There is some gore, but not much, and some lesbian love action, but not graphic. Which is why my final vote is that you:

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