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Happy Easter!

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Get Out

Found by homeowners who stripped the carpet from their living room in order to replace it.

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Monday Movie Review - HELL

I'd been hearing about this movie for some time. That it's a post-apocalyptic story about survivors trying to live in a world where the sun has scorched everything into a wasteland. Considering how much I love these kinds of movie, I thought I'd give it a spin.

We're introduced to three people driving through the countryside. An older sister with her boyfriend are in the front seat. The younger sister is in the back. They're looking for food, water, and gasoline, and come across what appears to be a deserted gas station. Instead, they meet another young man, who joins them on their journey.

Where are these people headed? We don't exactly know. It's like they're aimlessly searching for a place to "settle down". Instead, they run across a group of cannibals, and thus we get to the action part of the movie where they try to escape.

Although the acting was good, and the effects were better, a lot about this movie didn't make sense. For example, if it was so damn hot, why didn't any of them sweat? Why weren't their clothes wringing wet after spending so much time inside a stifling hot car with the windows rolled all the way up?

For all the nifty production values, the film fell flat for me. No real surprises. No real tension. There are lots of good post-apoc movies, and many of them don't have zombies or monsters - just the human sort. But when it comes to this one, my suggestion is that you

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Dystopian Future

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Zombie Cake Pops - Now You Can Get Your Revenge and Bite Back!

‘Got style, will bake’ is the slogan of Kiss And Bake Up, a bakery based in Devon, UK. Kiss And Bake Up specialise in jaw-droppingly intricate cake sculptures, often with a quirky, geeky edge (think Doctor Who and Harry Potter). The bakery is run by Sarah, a gorgeous blue-haired baker who has as much attitude as her food. In a good way, of course. (Article from here.)

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A Man Eaten by Cats

The Illustrated Police News (1st publication: 1864, ended in 1938)

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The Leak


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Money Skull