Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Movie Review - RAW

A young woman follows in the footsteps of her parents and older sister, and enrolls in an exclusive veterinary college. There, she and her fellow freshmen undergo a ritual hazing which involves the eating of raw animal parts. However, Justine and her family are vegetarians. Despite her initial revulsion, she soon finds herself unable to resist gorging on more raw flesh...and soon develops a craving for the human kind.

This French flick has subtitles, in case you didn't know. It's slow in many places. Older sister is still at the college, and tries to help her sister learn to cope, but with sinister consequences. And, frankly, I didn't see the ending coming.

It's not as bloody as one might suspect, given the topic. RAW is more of a psychological drama, but it does include some very graphic scenes other than cannibalism. The hazing rituals are degrading, and I honestly wish such "traditions" on college campuses would stop. But I have to admit that such activities make for perfect horror movie fodder.

Which is why my recommendation is that you

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