Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Movie Review - Green Room

I'm not a fan of punk rock, but I couldn't pass up this little independent film starring Patrick Stewart as one of the vilest men you've ever seen, and what would be Anton Yelchin's last release before his death.

A down-and-out punk rock band goes to a club in the middle of nowhere for an engagement, and accidentally witness a brutal murder. What ensues is them trying to leave before they're all killed off before they have the chance to notify the authorities.

Yeah, that sounds a lot like many other movies you may have seen in one form or another, but there are some surprises I didn't see coming. Neither did I know what to expect in the end.

This movie has some slow parts, but when the tension begins to ratchet up, it becomes unforgiving. Not a huge bloodbath, but very visceral. Nice to see in-house effects rather than CGI. No insane maniac chasing them. No supernatural creature haunting them. Just the evil that men can do to another human being. Which is why I whole-heartedly recommend that you 

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