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List of Serial Killers and Their Signs

And Aileen Wuornos was a Virgo (Feb. 29th)

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Monday Movie Review - MEXICO BARBARO

Some horror movies like to build up the tension before unleashing on the viewers. Some go for the all-out blood and gore assault. And some like to push as many buttons as it can to see how grotesques and stomach-churning they can get.

Mexico Barbaro fits into this third category. This subtitled flick is actually eight short tales that are linked together without any discernible connecting thread that I could tell. Some of the tales take more than one viewing to understand what the story's about. But some are so sickening that I had a hard time watching it (ie. rape, child rape and torture, and menstrual blood, to name a few.)

I rented this movie because it was listed on several sites as among the most bizarre and revolting movies of all time, and I agree with those critics. This is not for the squeamish, but neither can I recommend it.

Which is why I suggest that you

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