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The Perfect Coffee Mug

This so adequately describes me in the morning
before I've had my first cup.

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The Darkness In Faith, Serial Murderess and Lover of the Dead - Erotic Horror by C.F. Rabbiosi

The Darkness In Faith
Serial Murderess and Lover of the Dead
Books 1, 2 and 3
by C.F. Rabbiosi

Box Set Description:

The morbid adventure of a sexually sadistic serial killing dame. 

“A sex slave, so beautiful and depraved... They had no idea the monster they would turn her into…”

Inspired by real sex slave tales and real serial killers of the past.

Many of the characters were based off of real people!

The Darkness In Faith
A Dark Erotica Book 1
by C.F. Rabbiosi

Book Description:

My name is Faith: Tortured sex slave turned brutal murderer. Men have abused my body for inhuman pleasures, hurt me and made me feel helpless. But now...

They fear me. I wish I could say that it is all for the good of the world that I kill them slowly and give them a taste of what they have made others feel, but that would be a lie. Turns out, I have a lust for blood and get off on making THEM my slave. They may be way past being offended at that point, but I sure enjoy my living dead boys.

Just one small problem. I am falling for my newest conquest and don't know anymore if I want to tie him up and kill him slowly. He supposedly sexually assaulted a woman horribly ten years ago and is currently on parole for the crime, but something about those genuine sea green eyes and that beguiling mouth makes me weak. I still want to tie him up but what I want to do to him- will make us both scream.

Something about his darkness and pain calls to my own, and he knows I could kill him at any time, but still fights to possess me in every dripping, consuming and tantalizing way.

Come inside if you dare where real sex slave stories are my inspiration and I'll tell you the story of a serial murderess and the life altering events that made her a Lover of the Dead.

Amazon     BN

Darkly Dreaming Faith
The Darkness In Faith
A Dark Erotica Book 2
by C.F. Rabbiosi

Genre: Erotica Horror
Publisher: Winterose Books
Date of Publication: 4/2018
Number of pages: 151
Word Count: 42,000

Book Description:

How can I admit to myself that I have fallen for the one thing I fear the most? I should kill him, as I have visited bloody death on many others just like him but...

Instead I have let him inside me. Deeply, painfully and with all-consuming psychotic passion. My body hums when he hurts it, as he's brought out a hidden side of me that thrives off his rough touch. I have never felt so alive.

Here he is by my side as we travel the country, staying in the finest hotels and savagely getting revenge on those who have sexually tortured me. What a ride. Kill, rough sex. Try to kill each other, more rough sex... And repeat.

But something changes my dark lover with each kill and I fear I will lose him forever. The blood thirsty beast he struggles to keep locked up within thrashes against its cage, and I don't know how much time we have left together. Oh, but I WILL make the most of it.

Amazon       BN

Vicious Faith
The Darkness In Faith
A Dark Erotica Book 3
by C.F. Rabbiosi

Genre: Erotica/Horror
Publisher: Winterose Books
Date of Publication: 5/2018
Number of pages: 130
Word Count: 38,000

Book Description:

“Please let me go,” I say.

He takes a deep breath. “I can’t. Why don’t you see that you are meant for me? You’re a killer, you’re a sexual predator, and my dark soul demands I take yours. I need to **** your body mercilessly and make you scream from beneath me. I have no choice because I’ve never wanted anything so bad.”

His lips move to ear. “Say you want me, Faith.” He sucks my neck into his mouth and the ache feels good. He leaves bruises. “I will do anything.”

I cringe and stare into nothingness. This is my way out. If he has become obsessed with me because I escaped him years ago, because his best friend wants me, and because I challenge him, then I can use it to escape. I refocus and allow my demoness to take hold. “I shouldn’t want you James.”

He moves inside me, lifting me up and forcing me back down over his thickness and I cry out. “But you do,” he breathes.

I won’t make it that easy. “You excite me. You make my body sing and scream at the same time.” His **** rubs through me igniting incredible sensations and I haven’t lied to him yet. “I want you,” I say breathlessly. He feels so good because this is so bad and my sanity is being pushed to the limit. I run my fingers across the shaved sides of his head and rip his blond hair backward. I ride him hard. “You’re beautiful,” I say, trying to breathe. “Because you tear me to pieces.”

He grasps my hips, the killer who has never gotten off without hurting a woman first, and digs his fingers into my flesh. With a desperate kiss, his eyes roll back and his body tenses in anticipation..

Amazon      BN

About the Author:

Charity used to be a Registered Nurse in California, and though she doesn't use her two degrees in the field anymore, they have helped her with her real passion- writing. She happily writes the day away using her in depth Anatomy, Physiology and Psych background to make her death scenes more real and her killers more... colorful. But it's not all about the blood, because more than anything she loves hot romance. Her heroine is kick-ass and her men are all the dangerous and gorgeous beasts you love to hate.

Her style is beautifully gruesome and inspired by Interview With The Vampire, Buffy, and True Blood. She lives in the beautiful university city of Columbia, MO with her incredible husband and three girls, and loves yoga almost as much as living and writing in her own fantasy world.

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The Darkness In Faith- A Dark Erotica. 

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Zombie Apocalypse: A Collection of Monumental Romance Catastrophes (Zombilicious Romances)

The world we once knew, is no more.

An outbreak of unknown origin has spread across the globe, obliterating the food chain. From small animals to the human race, no creature is safe.

Run, do not walk.
Do not look back.
Not for your loved ones. Not for anyone.
Save yourself.
The zombie apocalypse is upon us.

Now available for preorder!
(Click links for previews/excerpts.)
Amazon | iTunes

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Happy Memorial Day

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Monday Movie Review - CARGO

Back in 2013, I highly recommended a short 7-min. film called "Cargo", featuring a father trying to protect his infant daughter after he's being bitten by a zombie. (Link here.)

Now, five years later, the original creators of that short have made a full-length feature film, this time starring Martin Freeman, of Hobbit and Sherlock fame.

When was the last time a horror movie made you cry?

The story has been expanded, but the premise is the same. Martin, as "Andy", is trying to find a safe place for his daughter, Rosie, before he succumbs to whatever is causing people to go stark raving. I also have to give kudos to the people who created these monsters (no CGI, by the way. It's all in-house makeup!) These "zombies" have touches of originality, including burying their heads in the ground in order to "hibernate", and the yellowish fluid they exude from their mouths and eyes as their insides putrefy.

To add the cherry on top, this takes place in Australia, which makes the perfect backdrop for this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

This story will tear your heart out, and in a good way. Which is why my two-thumbs-up recommendation is that you

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Monday Movie Review - THE RITUAL

Four men, friends since college, embark on a pilgrimage to Sweden to honor a fallen comrade. While there, they encounter an entity in the woods, and the people who worship it, who intend on offering the newcomers as sacrifice.

Hot damn! This movie messes with your head. The deaths are gruesome. And when you finally see the monster in all its glory, it is one for the books.

Again, I checked this one out because several sites listed it among their top ranked horror movies. From beginning to end, at no time did this film lag or grow tedious. The build-up is punctuated with horrific discoveries, and there are no jump scares.

Which is why my wholehearted recommendation is that you

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Monday Movie Review - Downrange

SHUDDER is a site where you can watch unlimited horror movies for a monthly fee. This month they're touting their newest release, DOWNRANGE. And although I was initially skeptic of the premise - six friends on a road trip are confronted by a sniper - I thought I'd go ahead and give it a try.

I'm glad I did.

This is one bloody carnage. Six friends, three boys and three girls, are on their way somewhere, when they get a flat tire. Only they find out the hard way the tire didn't blow on its own. It was hit by a high caliber bullet. From a sniper. Who then proceeds to play with them, punching them in the legs and hands to watch them writhe in agony, before finally taking them out with a head shot. Or two.

The acting was pretty damn good. There were many suspenseful moments when you didn't know when the next shot was coming (because the sniper is using a silencer). But the gore effects were spectacular.

Of course, there were some large plot holes that bothered me, especially when it came to their cell phones. If they can post pictures to their social media sites, why can't they call 9-1-1 for help? Maybe I missed that explanation. 

But, all in all, it was a pretty entertaining flick. Even better was the ending, which I didn't anticipate AT ALL.

Which is why my recommendation is that you

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Funko Launching Freddy Krueger, Elvira, and Beetlejuice Cereal

"When you add milk to the Freddy Krueger cereal, it looks blood red. With the Beetlejuice cereal, when you add milk it looks like slime."

Read more about it here.

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Find All the Stephen King References

There are over 200 Stephen King references in this picture. Can you find all of them?
(Click for a larger picture.)

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Elmer Xenomorph


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PREORDAINED by David L. Wallace

David L Wallace

Genre: Paranormal, Crime, Thriller
Date of Publication: 13 Apr 2018
ISBN: Paperback 978-0-9972257-2-3
ISBN eBook 978-0-9972257-3-0
Word Count: 75,000
Book Description:

In the vein of Seven and The Devil’s Advocate, it’s the book that launches the series: a tech billionaire, foretold in biblical events; a cop, ordered to sacrifice his soul to save his son…

Art Somers is a detective in close-knit Murrells Inlet, S.C., a small-town, coastal community with deeply held spiritual and supernatural belief systems. A serial killer has shattered his peaceful existence by abducting multiple victims within his county. Young thugs, backwater drug dealers and the occasional murderer are the most Art’s had to deal with, but now he must apprehend a predator who FBI profilers can’t find.

He discovers he has a tie by blood to the case and uncovers evidence that calls into question his long held spiritual and supernatural beliefs. Abraham, the father of faith, had to choose to either sacrifice his son or disobey a direct order from God. Art must now make a choice - sacrifice his soul to save his son.

“A riveting and intriguing read.”  - Clarion Review

“A gripping detective story.”  - Kirkus Reviews

“Original and engaging.”  - Publisher’s Weekly

Amazon     BN     Kobo     iTunes

About the Author:
Before publishing his debut novel in 2016, he served over 27 years as an information technology professional working initially for the US Navy, and then the Department of the Navy and various fortune companies. He’s a UCLA writing program alumnus who writes mystery thrillers and children stories. He has three wonderful kids who he enjoys immensely. Writing is his passion and his goal with each story is to capture the imagination in the opening pages and keep it engaged to the story’s riveting conclusion.

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Monday Movie Review - VERONICA

I'm very cautious about films other people rave about as being among the Top Ten Best, or as being "one of the most horrific movies" they've ever seen. Having read some rave reviews about this one, I took a chance.

Veronica is about a teenager who, along with two of her friends, uses a Ouija board during an eclipse to allow her to speak to her recently deceased father. Unfortunately, another spirit, one very malevolent, comes through the portal they inadvertently open, and it attaches itself to Veronica. As she tries to understand what happened, and subsequently fights to undo what she caused, the spirit focuses its attention on her three younger and more vulnerable siblings.

This film is an import from Spain, so expect subtitles. The acting is top-notch all around. The effects are great. And there are a few jump scares. But other than the first five minutes, which raised the hairs on my head, there was little else to get excited about. 

This movie is reportedly based on a true incident, which made for interesting additional reading. But overall, my recommendation is that you

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Monday Movie Review - PYEWACKET

The artwork first caught my eye, and the blurb sounded promising. After the recent death of her father, a young teen and her mother are trying to cope, but the two are at odds with each other. Unable to take her mother's demands any longer, the girl decides to place a death curse on her mother. Immediately, stuff starts to happen, and the teen decides that maybe that wasn't such a good idea. But when she tries to remove the curse, the pyewacket goes all out to prevent her from doing it, and sets out to fulfill the girl's initial wish.

The acting is decent, particularly the lead roles. And, as you've probably already heard, this is a slow-burn film. A very slow burn. Don't expect much blood, and there's no overt gore because the horror is 90% psychological. Some really good effects are in this film, there are a couple of jump scares, and the ending is satisfying. But overall, it's not the type of film I would watch again.

Which is why my recommendation is that you 

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I'm at the San Antonio Book Fest Today! Come By and Say, "Hi"!

Check out the 6th Annual San Antonio Book Festival today! I'll be there, and I'll have my print books for sale!
Come by and say, "Hi!" I'd love to meet you!

San Antonio Sci-Fi/Fantasy Bookfest
April 7, 2018, from 9:00 to 5:00
Central Library & Southwest School of Art
600 Soledad St
San Antonio, TX 78205

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I Scream

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Sculptures By Jason Stieva

Click photo for larger version.

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