Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Movie Review - CREEP 2

Our favorite creepy person is back for this second installment of  what looks to become a series.

Josef, now calling himself Aaron, hires Sara to videotape him for a day. That's it. No other explanation needed. He's changed his appearance, but other than that, what he then proceeds to do in front of her camera is anything but normal or expected.

However, Sara is unfazed by his jump scares and overt nudity, among other wild and questionable behaviors. But she also realizes she can't turn her back on him for one minute.

This flick tends to drag a bit more than the first one. I guess it's the writer's and director's way to slowly build tension. But when things happen, you're given little chance to blink (especially the scene in the beginning).

And the ending... Hopefully there'll be a #3.

You don't necessarily need to see the first movie before watching #2, but it would definitely add to the "ick" factor. Unlike a lot of movies, these two stick with me simply because of the superb performances of the actors.

Which is why I strongly suggest that you 

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