Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday Movie Review - STAKE LAND II

Originally titled The Stakelander, this sequel to the successful, highly entertaining, and original Stake Land is, in my honest opinion, a decent film, but much more of a downer than the way the first movie ended.

Once again we get to see Martin pair up with Mister (with the original cast members), and go about trying to rid the world of crazed zombie-like vampires. But I could help but feel The Walking Dead had influenced much of what the film ensues. There's a compound of survivors, the group of self-righteous men who believe they should be the absolute rulers of everything, and an ending that didn't leave me satisfied.

Yes, there's plenty of blood and few decent kills, but overall I don't feel the need to rewatch it.

Which is why my suggestion is that you 

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