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Adding Monsters to Everyday Scenes Makes Life More Interesting

Adelaide-based artist and photographer Jasper St Aubyn West turns ordinary into extraordinary by sketching monsters into everyday scenes.
The inspiration for the series came to West while he was on a trip to Las Vegas. “I checked out the strip on the first day I was there and found I didn’t have the urge to take many photos,” he told Mashable.
“Everyone had a camera! I realized there must be countless thousands of photos out there taken from exactly the same angle of exactly the same thing,” he added. “It got me thinking about trying to find a slightly more unique way to document my journeys.”
And so once West got home, he started doodling monsters into his pictures, instantly making his photos stand out. Some of his works depict a giant worm swallowing a subway train, a dog for an airplane, and a grumpy banana.

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