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Morphin' Joker

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New! SILENT NIGHT, FINAL NIGHT, a Christmas Horror Story


A Christmas Horror Story
by Linda Mooney writing as Gail Smith
Word Count:  20.3K
$1.99 e 

A family on the run, searching for food, shelter, and others not infected.

A plague is wiping out the population, stealing the humanity from people and turning them into monsters. Kem and Armand are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their daughter and survive. Nothing is promised -- not life, not their next meal, not even a decent night’s rest.

The quality of life is quickly diminishing. How much is too much? How long until the fight for survival is no longer worth it, and it’s time for a dignified end rather than a slow, painful death?

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Till Death Do Us Get Beheaded

Disturbing wedding cake looks like dismembered heads of bride and groom. “Till Death Do Us Part” horror wedding cake designed / made by Sideserf.

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I'm Celebrating My 100th Book! Come Join Me For $100 Worth of Giveaways and Other Prizes!


Book 7 of The Battle Lord Saga

Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Word Count: 62K
$3.99 e

Even though the truce between Mutahs and Normals, established by Battle Lord Yulen D’Jacques and his Battle Lady, Atty, is getting stronger and becoming more widespread,
there are still divisions. After surviving the trap that had been
set for them at Rocky Gorge, Yulen and Atty must return to Alta Novis to see how their people have fared. But after a brief stop in Wallis, they discover that Bloods have infiltrated both Mutah and Normal fortresses, blending in and biding their time until they receive the signal to attack.

Someone is taking control of the surrounding fortresses and using trained Bloods to get what they want, but Yulen will protect his people at all costs. Aware of the Bloods’ deception, the Battle Lord is left with no other choice but to continue on alone. With their newborn daughter still nursing, Atty must stay behind, but when she senses Yulen is in danger, she will stop at nothing to save him.

However, when it comes to his families’ lives being on the line, Yulen will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Warning! Contains a self-proclaimed deity, torture, coded messages, unorthodox nursing, nine bells, and a parental love that is greater than anything else in this world. 

On November 22nd, I'll be celebrating my 100th book release, THEIR BATTLE LORD'S SACRIFICE. Come join me and several of my author friends in this big event! There will be giveaways, games, and lots of fun!

Location (see below): 

Time: 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM (All times are Eastern.)
List of Attending Authors! 
6:00 - Linda Mooney
6:30 - Maggie Mae Gallagher
7:00 - Deborah A, Bailey
7:30 - Veronica Scott
8:00 - Juli D Revezzo
8:30 - Helen Henderson
9:00 - AD Roland
9:30 - Lorrie Panzeri
10:00 - Dani Harper
10:30 - Robin Leigh Anderson

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A Girl With a Plan

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Let Me Out!

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Acid Showers

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Odd Art by Sean

Follow him in Twitter @OddNMacabre
(Click pictures for larger versions.)

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