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Dark, But Also Powerful and Sad

I can't read the name of the artist on this piece, but the painting just cries out for a story.

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Recommended App - Map of the Dead

Zombie survival Google Map allows you to find food and guns for the undead apocalypse.

This handy Map of the Dead, allows you to plot out the hospitals, gun stores, and grocery stores (among many things) in your neighborhood.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Only in Australia

Yes, you're seeing this right. The spider is THAT BIG, and it's attacking the snake.

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Disturbing New Body Art by Chooo-san

Go here to view more of this twisted imagery.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Let Myself Drain (Dwarf) by Jan Fabre

I Let Myself Drain (Dwarf) by Jan Fabre

А life-size wax sculpture of a man, rammed into a painting made by a great Serbian artist. The sculpture is Fabre’s alter ego: an artist in the role of a martyr. Defeated by his ancestors, the alter ego accepts the fact that he will never be equal to the grand masters of the past, and will never experience their fame.”

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