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Monday Movie Review - THE DIVIDE

I was not in the mood for a hack-n-slash serial killer, or another "found tapes" type of movie when I ventured into Hastings. In fact, I was pretty much at the point of turning around and walking out of the store when this cover caught my eye, and I remembered what I'd read about it. So I rented it. Do I regret it? Well, yes and no.

The story happens during the apocalypse. Nuclear bombing of New York, as seen through the eyes of a few survivors who happen to barricade themselves in the basement of an apartment building.

The following two hours is long. The story drags in several places, punctuated by horrific scenes of torture, degradation, and killing as the survivors slowly but surely disintegrate under the weight of what's happened. Yet, I remained glued to the TV because I had no idea what would happen next. You have no idea who will live or die. Nothing is "telegraphed" beforehand what the outcome will be, which makes the ending all the more prophetic.

This is a gritty movie. A thousand questions will never be answered, like who started the bombardment, and was New York the only city affected. The true ending is left up to the viewer to decide, and that's why I guess I liked it. Sometimes you don't always need the answers all wrapped up nicely by the end of the movie.

So my recommendation is that you
 and come up with your own conclusions.

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20 Things We Would Miss During the Zombie Apocalypse

Once again, Horror Movies (dot) ca has come up with a list that people came up with and voted on over at their Facebook profile. Check out this list of 20 things, and see if there's something you think was inadvertently left off!

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Maybe It'll Help Scrub Your Back

This frightening little gif reminds me of my erotic horror short, The Tub.

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Barbie Q

What kind of sauce would you like?

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Next Time You Get Popcorn at the Movie Theater...

...better check it first.