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Movie Still From [REC]

Because the finale of the film is so dark and very difficult to make out the creature, I love behind-the-scene shots like this one.

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Monday Movie Review - YELLOWBRICKROAD

In the 1940s, every soul from the tiny town of Friar, New Hampshire walked into the surrounding woods and disappeared. A few hundred were found frozen to death, many were found ruthlessly slaughtered, but the majority vanished without a trace.

Fast forward 70 years. A group of researchers, enamoured of the story, decide to follow the trail, labeled "Yellowbrickroad" by the locals of the re-inhabited town. What they encounter is mysterious, brutal, and frightening.

This movie isn't a gorefest. It's slow, deliberately paced, working up to a conclusion that will leave you speechless. Yes, there is blood. There is torture. There is inexplicable violence. But it comes when you least expect it.

And then there's the music.

This movie reminded me of Blair Witch in the fact that the terror doesn't come with a knife-wielding maniac. It's psychological, and you'll find yourself trying to reason with it long after you've viewed it.  That's why my recommendation is that you: 

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LEGO Monsters and Alien Sculptures

Check out this link for more of the same.

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A Cake Everyone Wants to Have at Some Point

A dead possum cake.

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Monday Movie Review - SHADOW

I <3 stories that have you so totally immersed in what's going on that, when you get to the ending, you never saw it coming.

SHADOW begins with an American war vet newly released from his stint in the Iraqui war. His passion is off-road biking (not motor), and on a friend's recommendation, takes off to trails unknown in Europe. There he meets another biker, a beautiful female, and things take a romantic turn until some burly locals decide to have a little fun with them. What none of them expect is for a stranger to come from out of nowhere and kidnap them all, take them to an isolated farmhouse, and begin to experiment on them.

Yes, this is a torture flick, but that's not the horrific part of this movie. And to tell you any more will spoil it for you.

That's why I whole-heartedly suggest that you

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Zombie Issues

There's always one in the crowd.

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Cereal Killers Trading Cards from Wax-Eye

You can get these cereal trading cards at Wax-Eye.

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Monday Movie Review - SQUEAL

I found this at Netflix streaming. It's an independent feature (natch!) that has two major things going for it: it's not slick, and it has a few new ideas in it that kept me entertained.

SQUEAL is about a small band heading out of town for a gig, when they run their van off the road in the middle of nowhere. They find a nearby farm, and that's where the horror begins because we already know the "people" who reside there are really the living results of genetic experiments.

The non-glossy feel of this flick allowed me to become more engrossed. The kills aren't original, but they felt more realistic. (If CGI was used, I damn sure couldn't pinpoint it!) The blood looked genuine, and I would swear the actors did their own stunts. The movie takes place in the middle of winter, and I'll take bets the people were actually freezing their bums off.

As jaded as I am after watching countless horror films, I was delightfully surprised at some of the original concepts (midget pig person, anyone?) The ending is downbeat but satisfactory. And there's a neat little scene after the credits roll.

No wonder my recommendation is that you

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Artwork Made From Bones

Check out this link. All the artwork has been made from human and animal bones.

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The Mannequin Known as “Pascualita”

In Chihuahua, Mexico, local rumor has it that this mannequin, known as “Pascualita,” is actually an embalmed body. According to legend, a lady named Pascuala Esparza owned a wedding boutique in the city, making dresses for soon-to-be brides. Her own daughter, Pascualita, was engaged to be married, so Pascuala set about to make her a special dress. Everything was planned when, on the day of the wedding, tragedy struck. Supposedly, Pascualita was bitten by a poisonous insect and later died. Distressed by the death of her daughter, Pascuala set out to immortalize her. She embalmed the body, dressed it in her wedding gown, and propped it up in the window of her boutique, for all to see.
Today, Pascualita remains standing in the window of “La Popular” in downtown Chihuahua. Although commonly regarded to as a myth, the details in the mannequin (especially in the hands) keep onlookers wondering.

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Monday Movie Review - ATTACK THE BLOCK

Time and time again the independent filmmaker outshines and out-creates anything Hollywood can do. And that's especially true of "Attack the Block". In fact, I promise you're going to end up rooting for the bad guys in this film.

The bad guys are inner city kids. Punks. In the UK. (Yeah, the Brits have their gangs, too.) At the beginning of the film they attack a young woman, who manages to get away sans her purse. While the boys are rejoicing at their haul, they witness a flaming something fall from the sky and land nearby. They go to investigate, and that's where the horror begins. As more of the alien creatures arrive, the gang holes up in an apartment building and try to survive the attack.

The gore and kills are plentiful. The CGI is sparse. And the creatures are incredible, fresh, and unique. My only qualm is that it took a while for my ears to adjust to understanding the accents, but that was a minor detail.

Overall, my enthusiastic recommendation is that you

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