Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Movie Review - TOKYO ZOMBIE

It seems every country that produces horror has to do a zombie parody at some time.  The UK did a great job with SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and in my opinion I think the "winner" in the US is ZOMBIELAND. 

TOKYO ZOMBIE is Japan's entry.  Although I must give them kudos for some very funny scenes, overall the whole thing just fell flat.

Two auto repair workers, Fujio and Mitsuo, spend most of their time learning how to wrestle rather than work.  When their boss objects, they kill him, then try to bury the body in Black Mt. Fuji, a literal mountain of garbage and nuclear waste products located in the middle of the city.  Apparently many people have been using this trash heap to bury other bodies, and the toxic by-products have resurrected the dead into zombies.  The film shows our questionable heroes fighting off these creatures and trying to survive, until ... Well, even for a movie I ended up not liking much, I won't give out spoilers. 

Basically, I think if the acting had been less over-the-top I might have enjoyed it more.  But if you're the sort who likes really overly-dramatic comedy, you might enjoy it. 

My recommendation? 

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