Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Movie Review - ECHO

From the people who brought us THE RING and THE GRUDGE, we get ECHO. And although this version is the US version, there are some moments when you can almost envision the pale little girl in the dirty dress and long, stringy black hair covering her face.

From IMDB:  Bobby Reynolds is released on probation from Rikers and moves to the old apartment in East Village, New York, where his lonely mother lived and passed away. He finds a job as mechanic at the Houston Auto Repair shop owned by the supportive Hector Rodriguez and tries to rebuild his life. However, he is deemed an outcast and his former friends and neighbors do not want to talk to him. Bobby hears weird noises and finds blood in his apartment, and overhears an argument between an abusive police officer and his wife and their daughter.

I'm not including anything else from the plot summary because it's major spoilage, and this a spoiler free zone. But suffice it to say, the truth about what happens when Bobby can't take standing by any longer and allow the cop to brutilize his family was a shocker.  The gore is sufficient simply because of the subject.  And the ending is satisfactory.

Don't let the slow pace fool you.  This is a well-acted movie.

My recommendation? 

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