Saturday, December 12, 2009


A few years back I came across a "book" (it was really a greeting card) of Peanuts Halloween Carols, sung to the tune of traditional Christmas carols. As an elementary school teacher, I loved pulling out the overhead transparencies I'd made of them, and shining the words up on the screen for my upper grades to sing. What was neater was to play instrumentals of those carols, and sing them.

Now comes It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies. For the horror fanatic in me, it was ideal. Although very tongue in cheek and a bit gross in spots, nevertheless the songs in this book are hilarious and would make ideal karaoke at parties. Just plug in the music!

One small gripe, however. As an ex-music teacher (with a BM and MM, and 25+ years teaching music before I went into the Kindergarten classroom), I'm very picky about "piggyback songs" - ie. songs with new words being sung to already familiar tunes. IBtLaLLZ has problems with the words of some songs not quite fitting the tunes assigned to it. But if this sort of thing doesn't bother you, my recommendation is to

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