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Sam Cheever is sponsoring her third annual Trick or Treating Bash on a street near you! The street is inexplicably filled with some of your favorite Romantic Fantasy/Paranormal/Horror Authors and they will be waiting by the door with tricks and treats for you.

The lucky winner gets a Halloween Bag with a Kindle e-reader in it, books, t-shirts, assorted candy, and other wonderful prizes from the Authors who live on Sam’s street.

To play visit Sam’s Halloween Contest page at . Only one trip down the street per contestant and you must be at least 18 to play!

Come and join the fun and play for a chance to win a Kindle and a bag of goodies. You might be surprised to learn who lives on Sam’s street!

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Believe It or Not, It's a TOY

Thanks to

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Movie Review - OFFSPRING

Whatever Jack Ketchum writes, it's visceral. It's also visual - in your mind.

The latest film from his arsenal of books is actually the sequel to a book that, unfortunately, didn't get the film treatment due to numerous legal squabbles. We may not get to see OFF SEASON, but OFFSPRING makes up for the slack. (If you haven't read either, read them in order, if nothing more than to get the full "effect" of the story.)

The first thing that struck me was that Ketchum wrote the screenplay. This has led to the film being shot 99% verbatim to the book, and as a reader that made me very happy.

The story is basically two-fold. There is a family who lives in a remote area of Maine (the northern woodsy area). They are hunted, tortured, and consumed by a "family" of cannibals.

The other "side" of the story involves this cannibalistic family who is struggling to survive in this modern day and age. Although you don't sympathize with them, you tend to understand them better.

What's missing is the full explanation of WHY these cannibals became what they are, which is told in the first book. There are a series of newspaper articles and such at the very beginning of the movie, to help with the back story, but I felt there needed to be more clarification. Also missing is the reason why the cannibals have such names as "Rabbit", "Cow", "Eartheater", "First Taken", and "Second Taken", which was given in the first book.

The movie is brutal. Children are murdered, as well as adults. And the bloodshed is non-stop. There is dismemberment, nudity, and profanity. In short, I think horror fans will enjoy it.

My recommendation. And go read both books, too. It doesn't matter if you read first before watching the movie, or vice versa.

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Okay... YOU tell me what it is!

Found this at this site:

Check out the other pictures there. Then tell me what you think it might have been.

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Hey! Need Some Body?

Check out this site, , located (naturally) in California. They create bodies to be used on TV and in movies. Warning: this site has some pretty graphic stuff, but it's incredibly interesting to check out what they offer. The detail is amazing!

Need a corpse?

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Disney's Princesses Never Looked So Good

His name is Jeffrey Thomas, and if you'd like to see more of his deviant artwork, check out his site here.

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Movie Review - DEAD IN 3 DAYS

From Germany, we get a pretty good "no-brainer" of a horror movie.

DEAD IN 3 DAYS (In 3 Tagen Bist Du Tot) was shot entirely in the town of Ebensee. The town is a conglomeration of old German archetecture, with the occasional twentieth century artifact stuffed in between the white-washed buildings. The entire town sits on a magnificent lake, which is surrounded by beautiful snow-covered mountains. The scenery alone is worth renting this movie.

Filmed in German with English subtitles, the story is about a group of five friends who are celebrating their final graduation. Each of them get a text message telling them they will be dead in three days. Soon after, one of them mysteriously disappears, only to be found dead. Murdered (0f course).

It takes a while for the killer to be revealed, but I had it figured out about mid-way through. Still, I enjoyed watching everything play out. The deaths aren't particularly gory (except for the fish tank). But I enjoyed comparing our youth and our stalker/slasher flicks with German culture. (Rolled cigarettes, anyone?)

My recommendation? If for nothing more than some breathless scenery and a pretty nifty film with which to spend a lazy afternoon.

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For All the Latest News!!!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been asked to be a member of the press for AFTER DARK FILMS. I will be given all the latest news and updates regarding Horrorfest 4, and I will post that information immediately, beginning today. Just check the box on the right side of the blog!

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Movie Review - ZOMBIELAND

Rule: Good Cardio.

Rule: Don't forget to Double Tap.

Rule: Always fasten your seat belt.

Rule: Beware of bathrooms.

Rule: Don't be the hero.

Rule: If you don't see this movie, kick yourself.

There's something about the zombie franchise that makes it perfect for parody. Shaun of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, and Fido are three off the top of my head.

Now I can add Zombieland.

To me, the better parodies play everything close to the bone (pun intended.) They're told with rotting tongue in cheek, straight-faced, and the jokes hit your funny bone when you least expect them.

The main characters, Tallahassee, Wichita, Little Rock, and Cincinnati, are among the remaining few human survivors after a plague of bad meat turned the rest of the world into zombies. They've all read of a place on the west coast that is zombie-free, and the film follows their journey to that destination -- with some imaginative kills and discoveries along the way. If Woody Harrelson doesn't get some kind of "award" for his character, there is no justice in the world.

My recommendation? Then watch it again. I'll bet you the Zombie Kill of the Week you'll find something new every time you rewatch it.

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The Childhood Fears of Joshua Hoffine

This man is a genius.
To see more of his work,
go here.
Go here to see his blog where he shows and explains how he does it.

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Movie Review - INSIDE

Sometimes (and this is my opinion, all right?) the better horror movies come from other countries. If it weren't for Korea and Japan, we wouldn't have GODZILLA or THE RING or THE GRUDGE, to name a few.

If it weren't for Spain, we wouldn't have [REC], aka QUARANTINE.

Australia's given us many great classics, including the MAD MAX trilogy, WOLF CREEK, and more.

And I'm not even going to begin to look at the proliferation of excellent horror that's come out of Italy.

Fortunately, France has come to the forefront with some superb horror. The first French horror film I viewed was HIGH TENSION (HAUTE TENSION). You might also check out MARTYRS.

INSIDE (A L'INTERIEUR) is similar in that it's shot in French, with English subtitles. And it gives you nightmares.

The story is about a very pregnant woman who is involved in a car wreck, where her husband dies. All she has to keep her going is the pending birth of her baby.

When a strange woman shows up at her doorstep, things begin to get bloody as the woman literally tries to carve the baby out of the heroine's belly, and the heroine does everything she can to protect herself and her child.

The horror is very graphic and extreme. The gore effects are superb, and the acting is wholly believable.

My recommendation?