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After viewing the trailer for this movie, I knew I had to give it a chance. Anything that would take me away from the shambling, plodding zombies ala George Romero was refreshing. Now, don't get me wrong. I love The Walking Dead, but after a buttload of movies with similar themes, I needed something different.

The Girl With All the Gifts is more along the style of 28 Days Later. It also takes place in a post-apocalyptic London/England/UK. And these infected are the scary as shit, fast on their feet, vicious kind.

The movie stars newcomer Sennia Nanua, and the girl just shines. It also stars Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close.

In short, it's about a spore-like infestation that's turned most of the population into running dead. However, there is a group of young children who were infected before birth, but are able to still reason, learn, speak, and write like normal children. The government is studying them to find out why they haven't completely turned into blood-craving crazies (although, if provoked, they tend to beast out until their cravings are filled).

I won't go into detail about this movie, but the ending isn't what I expected. Neither do I know how closely it follows the book by M. R. Carey, on which it's based. But I will tell you this. If you are a big fan of the 28 Days series, this is one should be on your keeper shelf.

Which is why I suggest that you

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Flat Out Freaky

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Now Available as an Audio Book!

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance 

by Linda Mooney
Narrated by Guy Veryzer
Length: 7 hrs, 4 min.

Hear a Sample 

If you were murdered by a stranger, wouldn’t you want the chance to be able to come back and find out who killed you? And why?

J was born blind, but she could "see" things. Her gift has always helped the police find such things as missing persons, serial killers... a ghost or two.

Detective Kiel Stark has worked homicide for eight years, but he has never met this mysterious Seer his fellow officers claim could almost perform miracles. Not until a gruesome triple homicide has his superiors calling in the reserved woman to help with the case.

Now Stark is faced with a double threat. Not only is he finding himself dangerously attracted to the enigmatic beauty, but she could very well discover his own carefully guarded secret—a secret that could bring an end to his career, his way of life, and any future he had hoped to have.

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