Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Movie Review - CAPTURE KILL RELEASE

Just for a lark, she wants to kill someone. Because he loves her and will do anything for her, he goes along...until it gets to be too much.

I've seen some of the most perverse horror movies out there, but this one got to me. And I blame the director, the fantastic in-house special effects, and most of all the actors in this tense, nerve-wracking film with the tag line "A Romantic Bloodbath".

You get a clear understanding of the woman's deranged state of mind at the very beginning when they're shopping for tools and materials to kill with. Which ones will be best for torturing? Which ones will cut through bone and decapitate the cleanest? Isn't this a pretty ax? Oh, and don't forget the bleach and rolls of plastic. It's a slow build-up, after which you're pounded again and again with the methodical insanity that prevails.

But when the husband's conscience begins to bother him, and he tries to dissuade his wife from going through with dispatching any more victims, the brilliance of these actors shine through. Right to the end that will sadden and disgust you.

This is one movie that will stick with me forever, but I seriously doubt I'll ever want to view it again. So I was hung between telling you to BUY IT, or RENT IT. But, considering my own feelings, my final recommendation is that you

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