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The Voice Behind Many Bestselling Books on Tape is Actually a Serial Killer

When listening to an audio book, do you ever wonder who's voice you are hearing on the other end? Now would be a good time to start.
An 1987 article from the Los Angeles Times tells the story of a blind couple showing their appreciation to the prisoners the California Medical Facility State Prison who have voiced audio books for the visually impaired.
Run by serial killer Edmund Kemper, the program, Volunteers of Vacaville or the Blind Project, as referred to by the prison, has inmates record thousands of books; best sellers, textbooks, mysteries, science fiction, Westerns, children's books and cookbooks onto tape cassettes.
From 1977 to 1987, Kemper had spent over 5,000 hours in the recording booth and had more than four million feet of tape and several hundred books to his credit, including: Flowers in the Attic, The Glass Key, Merlin's Mirror, Petals on the Wind, The Rosary Murders, Sphinx, and Star Wars.
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Happy Labor Day!

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Crab Queen

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Headless Gymnast?

This photograph displays Zhou Xiaojing performing her ‘clubs.’ She’s a professional rhythmic gymnast. Xiaojing appears headless as she bent her head during her routine at the Asian Games for the women’s rhythmic gymnastics individual all-round finals in Bangkok.

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Monday Movie Review - CROWSNEST

Four tropes this movie includes:
1) Found footage/ shaky camera film

2) Five young twenty-somethings going out into the middle of nowhere for a weekend. 
3) Dire warnings given but not observed.
4) Spotty or no cell phone service.

Three things this movie had that surprised me:
1) The majority of this film takes place inside an SUV.
2) The main protagonists drive an RV.

3) It doesn't end the way you think it might.

The acting was very good. Several scenes actually had my stomach tied up in knots as I waited for the outcome. Not a lot of bloodbath, but there is one really gruesome kill.

Which is why my recommendation is that you

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Push Pins

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Necro Maria

Necro Maria, a breathtaking, exquisite marble sculpture representing a classy decadent macabre reinterpretation of Our Lady of Sorrows, a collaboration between 3D illustrator & art director Billelis & Sick Mick (@sick666mick). Via The Ethereal & the Uncanny

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Artist Unknown

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Monday Movie Review - THE 16TH EPISODE

A trio of friends run a video blog involving haunted locations, especially in exotic locations around the world. On a trip to Casablanca, Morocco, they encounter a group of people who promise to show them around the city. It isn't long before the trio finds out the group has nefarious plans involving satanic worship and demonic possession.

I'm really not a big fan of demonic possession movies, but I have to give this film credit for going about it in a totally different way. In addition, the main bad guys are given some background, enabling you to see how deeply evil and depraved they are.

And the ending? Let's just say it doesn't conclude in ways you'd expect.

There is copious blood but few scares. Most the horror is psychological. 

All in all, my recommendation is that you give it a try, but

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A horrific short story
Word Count:  2.6K
$.00 e
Free and only available on my website!

All he wanted was a little paint modification for his new car.

           “But I want that car.” He emphasized each word very clearly, very distinctly.
            “Sir,” the salesman began again, leaning over his black Lucite and chrome desk. “As I’ve said before, you can have the car. I would love to sell you the car, but it must be as is. The model does not come with the option for additional decoration.”
            Rolling his eyes, Deems tried to compromise. “Surely there is somebody in your body shop who can do a decent paint job? Hell and damnation! How much trouble can it be to add a few simple racing stripes?” Feeling the heat rise up into his face, he realized he needed to calm down or his doctor would double up the dosage on his blood pressure medicine.
            “If I’m gonna pay a hundred and eighty-eight thousand for a car, the least you can do is get some red paint and put two or three of those real pretty, skinny lines all the way down the sides, just above the fender line. Crap, I’d do it myself but I haven’t got a real steady hand. Not at my age, anyway.” And I’m too damn old for all this nonsense, too, Deems thought as he pulled a hand across his forehead.
            The salesclerk stood up. “Look, do you mind if I go talk with my manager for a minute?” The impasse had to end somewhere, and it was obvious it was going to take the intervention of someone higher up before any further progress could be made.
             “Please do!” Deems snapped. “And if he won’t agree to my request, I’ll want to have a talk with him myself!” he yelled at the retreating back. “Haven’t you people ever heard the phrase ‘the customer is always right’?”     

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