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Monday Movie Review - HERE ALONE

Think The Road with zombies. Instead of a fast-paced flick with slow-moving infected, we get a slow-paced movie with rampaging, running dead. 

This story is told with some flashbacks. Ann and her husband and baby escape to the dense forest of upper New York state where her husband shows her how to survive in the wilderness. Inevitably we discover what happens to husband and baby as the film shows us Ann trying to cope with being totally alone.

Eventually she meets up with a father and stepdaughter. From that moment, all bets are off that everyone can get along swimmingly. And the ending was one I wasn't expecting.

To me, the flick tended to drone on a bit too much, but it had to in order to get across the feeling of absolute isolation and rising fear.

I liked it, but would I watch it again? Probably not. I won't say don't give this one a try, but my final verdict is that you

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At the Bottom of the Mug

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Monday Movie Review - XX

I like anthologies, especially if I recognize the name of a director/writer/actor whose work I'm familiar with.

XX is four tales that's female gender oriented. Each tale is directed by a female, and the lead role is female.

Unfortunately, although I believe the intention was good, the outcome is not. These four tales basically go nowhere. A couple of them I feel would have done better if they'd been a full-length feature instead of a twenty some-odd minute shortie.

"The Box" is somewhat satisfying, but the ending bombs, IMHO. "The Birthday Party" made no sense. I kept wondering aloud why the woman didn't call the cops. "Don't Fall" would have made a decent full-length feature. But as it stands, there are too many questions left that need answering. The fourth tale, "Her Only Living Son", is the best of the four, but again the ending left a lot to be desired. In fact, I kept backing up to re-watch it several times, hoping to make sense of it.

A decent attempt. I hope there will be more in the future. But for this anthology, my final verdict is that you

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