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Monday Movie Review - Alena

First off, let me warn you that this is a Swedish movie with subtitles. I know subtitled movies turn a lot of people off, so heads up on this one.

Secondly, also be warned if someone says, "If you liked 'Carrie' or 'Let the Right One In', you'll like this movie." Yes, this flick is very much like a mash-up of those two, in my opinion. Then again, it was nothing like them.

I really don't like movies with a lot of bullying, especially by over-the-top bad guys (or in this case, girls). So I was a bit turned off by this slowly paced film. I realize the director did so to help ramp up the suspense. Unfortunately, I knew what the answer was barely halfway into the show.

This pic is about a young woman named Alena who enters an all-girl school after being kicked out of her previous one. She excels at Lacrosse, so the coach gives her a chance to be on the team. But in doing so, placing her there knocks off the one girl without a kind bone in her body. Said girl then goes on a rampage to inflict harm upon Alena. What the girl doesn't realize is that Alena has a guardian angel of sorts who has no problem protecting Alena from those who would try to hurt her.

It's really not a bad little film. There is some gore, but not much, and some lesbian love action, but not graphic. Which is why my final vote is that you:

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Untitled by Oddly-Spliced

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Monday Movie Review - HERE ALONE

Think The Road with zombies. Instead of a fast-paced flick with slow-moving infected, we get a slow-paced movie with rampaging, running dead. 

This story is told with some flashbacks. Ann and her husband and baby escape to the dense forest of upper New York state where her husband shows her how to survive in the wilderness. Inevitably we discover what happens to husband and baby as the film shows us Ann trying to cope with being totally alone.

Eventually she meets up with a father and stepdaughter. From that moment, all bets are off that everyone can get along swimmingly. And the ending was one I wasn't expecting.

To me, the flick tended to drone on a bit too much, but it had to in order to get across the feeling of absolute isolation and rising fear.

I liked it, but would I watch it again? Probably not. I won't say don't give this one a try, but my final verdict is that you

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At the Bottom of the Mug

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Monday Movie Review - XX

I like anthologies, especially if I recognize the name of a director/writer/actor whose work I'm familiar with.

XX is four tales that's female gender oriented. Each tale is directed by a female, and the lead role is female.

Unfortunately, although I believe the intention was good, the outcome is not. These four tales basically go nowhere. A couple of them I feel would have done better if they'd been a full-length feature instead of a twenty some-odd minute shortie.

"The Box" is somewhat satisfying, but the ending bombs, IMHO. "The Birthday Party" made no sense. I kept wondering aloud why the woman didn't call the cops. "Don't Fall" would have made a decent full-length feature. But as it stands, there are too many questions left that need answering. The fourth tale, "Her Only Living Son", is the best of the four, but again the ending left a lot to be desired. In fact, I kept backing up to re-watch it several times, hoping to make sense of it.

A decent attempt. I hope there will be more in the future. But for this anthology, my final verdict is that you

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Come Join Me at the "A Sinister Vision" Release Celebration on Facebook!

Come join me and other authors today in helping A. Nicky Hjort celebrate her new release, A Sinister Vision, on Facebook. There will be prizes and fun and games galore. You may even find a new-to-you author to read!

Here's the link where you can join us!

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Glenn's Prosthetic Make-Up

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Monday Movie Review - STAKE LAND II

Originally titled The Stakelander, this sequel to the successful, highly entertaining, and original Stake Land is, in my honest opinion, a decent film, but much more of a downer than the way the first movie ended.

Once again we get to see Martin pair up with Mister (with the original cast members), and go about trying to rid the world of crazed zombie-like vampires. But I could help but feel The Walking Dead had influenced much of what the film ensues. There's a compound of survivors, the group of self-righteous men who believe they should be the absolute rulers of everything, and an ending that didn't leave me satisfied.

Yes, there's plenty of blood and few decent kills, but overall I don't feel the need to rewatch it.

Which is why my suggestion is that you 

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After viewing the trailer for this movie, I knew I had to give it a chance. Anything that would take me away from the shambling, plodding zombies ala George Romero was refreshing. Now, don't get me wrong. I love The Walking Dead, but after a buttload of movies with similar themes, I needed something different.

The Girl With All the Gifts is more along the style of 28 Days Later. It also takes place in a post-apocalyptic London/England/UK. And these infected are the scary as shit, fast on their feet, vicious kind.

The movie stars newcomer Sennia Nanua, and the girl just shines. It also stars Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close.

In short, it's about a spore-like infestation that's turned most of the population into running dead. However, there is a group of young children who were infected before birth, but are able to still reason, learn, speak, and write like normal children. The government is studying them to find out why they haven't completely turned into blood-craving crazies (although, if provoked, they tend to beast out until their cravings are filled).

I won't go into detail about this movie, but the ending isn't what I expected. Neither do I know how closely it follows the book by M. R. Carey, on which it's based. But I will tell you this. If you are a big fan of the 28 Days series, this is one should be on your keeper shelf.

Which is why I suggest that you