Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Movie Review - THE GREEN INFERNO

Eli Roth has never been one to shy away from the horrific. In fact, he loves to push boundaries. That has never been more evident in his now classic Hostel and Cabin Fever.

The Green Inferno goes several steps further into that realm of queasiness and revulsion. The story evolves around a group of protesters putting their money where their mouth is, and hauling their butts and cell phones off to save the Brazilian forest from deforestation. Their plane crashes, and the survivors are discovered by a tribe of aborigines. It soon becomes clear the tribe is into the other white meat, and the survivors try to escape.

Once the group is brought into the tribe's village, the horror begins. The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero is the mastermind behind the effects, the blood, the gore, the torture, and the effects are realistic and pun intended.

The actors are fresh faces to me, helping to make the story more believable. The only negative I have is that the ending left me a little disheartened.

Overall, however, my hearty recommendation is that you

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