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Monday Movie Review - COOTIES

I love dark humor, but lately the influx of dark humor horror movies have left me a bit high and dry. But after viewing the trailer to Cooties, I decided to give it a try.

I love this movie!

Elijah Wood leads this cast as one of several elementary school teachers who have to fend off a hoard of infected children after the cafeteria fed them tainted chicken nuggets. The "teaching remarks" are so relate-able to this retired teacher, and the in jokes fly thick and fast. (Can we say Hobbits?) Plus the gore is plentiful for those of you who like their meat served raw and with plenty of sauce.

Which is why my hearty recommendation is that you

Then invite your horror buddies over for an evening showing.

Two small notes: The movie ends with a perfect setup to a second movie, which I hope there will be. And there is an extra scene at the very end of the titles.

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