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Rubber Bands

From this site: "Rubber Band is a project by photographer Wes Naman. It's a portrait collection of musicians’ faces distorted and compressed by rubber bands."

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"Old Gods"

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Monday Movie Review - 100 Bloody Acres

It's been a while since I've written a movie review. Frankly, there's been little I've seen that's inspired me to write one. That was, until I came across this little jewel on iTunes.

100 Bloody Acres is an Australian film filled with black humor and horror, and I loved every minute of it. Two brothers own a small business fertilizer company, and times have been tough. They've resorted to picking up road kill to add potassium to their mixture, until the day came when they (for some unfathomable reason) decided to pick up a few human bodies they'd found after a tragic car accident. Voila! The mixture proved to be so popular, they were suddenly besieged with orders. Thus making them hard-pressed to keep up with the demand...until one day when younger brother Reg came across three young adults stranded on a deserted road. Hmm, if road kill worked so well, why not try freshly killed? It sounded like a good plan, until Reg started getting sweet on the female of the trio.

The gore is intense, the blood is plentiful, and even I caught a lot of the relevant Aussie humor. You buy into the characters, and their problems and their relationships. Best of all, the accents aren't so thick that you can't understand the dialog. I only wish I could have seen some outtakes or heard the director's comments during the film. I'm hoping when the movie is released on DVD, those juicy bits are included.

Which is why my rare but firm recommendation is that you

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I Have No Idea Why

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“For the last 20 years of my life, I’ve been wearing something unrecognizable. I’ve been acting for 20 years now and I’ve been under the radar.”- Doug Jones

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