Monday, January 4, 2010


I was sooo looking forward to this movie. I loved the first two WRONG TURN movies, and this one promised to kick butt. In short, our family of cannibalistic killers are still roaming the woods, looking for nice, tasty, lost campers to help fill their larders. Except in this case, they come across a bus that has been wrecked at the edge of the woods. A bus that's filled with convicted criminals of the worst ilk, namely rapists and murders. Now it's an all-out blood war to see who will end up the survivor.

Well, at least the premise sounded promising.  Wish the movie had done the same.  For one thing, the acting is too stilted in some places, and too over the top at others.  Many of the gore shots are preceded with CGI effects that simply don't blend in with the cuts.  Too many scares are signaled ahead of time, and those that come just don't work.  There's a good nipple piercing at the beginning, but overall I can't remember anything else that impressed me.  Same goes for this movie.

My recommendation?

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