Thursday, January 14, 2010

Masters of Horror: A Retrospective (Season 1, Part 3)

To conclude my quickie takes on Season One of the Masters of Horror series from Showtime.  By the way, if you decide to go ahead and splurge on the entire 13 episodes, they come in this neat little mausoleum vault.


Directed by William Malone

"A teenage outcast is kidnapped by a strange couple and locked in a basement with their son, who has a dark secret."

My take:  A somewhat predictable tale, and not very horrific IMHO.  Bury it.


Directed by Lucky McKee

"A female insect enthusiast starts a relationship with another woman, but then also finds herself involved with a rather predatory and aggressive insect."

My take:  This one got to me.  Then ending had me both laughing and screaming.  Rent it.


Directed by Larry Cohen

"Two serial killers (one who kills hitchhikers, another who kills anyone who gives him a ride) clash over their latest victim."

My take:  Just when you think you've come across a typical serial killer movie, it turns on you.  And then the ending bites you in the butt.  Rent it.


Directed by John McNaughton

"In the 1850s, a man on his way to his sick father in upstate New York, seeks shelter in a secluded cabin owned by a mysterious couple where he becomes involved in a grotesque orgy of the undead."

My take:  Gruesome, controversial, and will definitely haunt you long afterwards.  Buy it.


Directed by Takashi Miike

"A 19th century American tourist gets much more than he bargained for while searching for a Japanese prostitute he fell in love with years earlier."

My take:  This one was never shown with the others during the series' run.  Instead it was finally released straight to DVD.  It's extremely controversial, but you might want to go ahead and rent it.  But be warned, and have a strong stomach.

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