Monday, December 14, 2009

Movie Review - NATURE'S GRAVE

Presumably taking place in either Australia or New Zealand (I didn't catch the locale), a couple go on a weekend camping spree with friends, although they never manage to catch up to said friends. 

Said couple are on the brink of divorcing, but you do get glimpses of the fact that they still care for each other.  But something has happened in the not-so-distant-past which has brought them to this point, and this weekend off alone in the middle of nowhere is supposed to help begin with healing things between them.

This movie is lushly filmed in an area of Africa that is both remote and gorgeous.  Unfortunately, that's all this film has going for it.  The acting is good, but it can't save the script.

The couple are continuously bickering at each other to the point where you want to yell at them to shut up.  The scares are far and few, and the only good one in my opinon is the 'advancing dugong'.  However, it's not enough.

The synopsis of the story claims that this is about nature "getting back" at man for his ill treatment of the world around him. I'm certainly glad to find that out because that little bit doesn't make itself at all clear during the film. In fact, if you never read the synopsis, you just get the impression that these two people have a really bad run of luck when it comes to camping.

My recommendation?

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